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Mission Statement 

The Hudson Valley National Center for Veteran Reintegration is dedicated to the well-being of Veterans and Community through purpose, dignity, respect, and honor.

The Hudson Valley National Center for Veteran Reintegration works to empower our military men and women to live successful, fulfilling lives. The mission of the HVNCVR is to provide support for both our current military personnel while they are back home and our veterans by assisting them with their transition back into civilian life. HVNCVR works to not only enhance the quality of life for our military veterans, but to give them the programs and services they need to thrive in the communities they work so hard to preserve through their military service.

How do we do this? HVNCVR offers programs that serve every aspect of the facilitation back into civilian life for a veteran – such as our career/employment transition programs, financial literacy strategies, classes in social reintegration, substance abuse assistance, and our integrative mental health programs, all of which are free to any participant. HVNCVR encompasses peer-to-peer programs such as our Kayak Building Program which allows soldiers to work together to build kayaks in our wood shop, where the kayaks serve as a tool to heal through focus and creativity in a welcome and open environment. 

HVNCVR’s environment replicates the positive aspects of the military community, through occupational therapy, camaraderie, fellowship and peer-to-peer support. No matter the Veteran’s situation, they are home-we do not judge, we accept. Wherever possible, we assist. No conversation is taboo if it helps heal. We have worked with combat Veterans, physically and psychologically injured, addicts, alcoholics, and the homeless. Our main goal is to work together to enhance the quality of life for our Veterans.

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