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Where Vets Go Forward
with Purpose, Dignity, Respect, and Honor



As former or current military service members, we are trained to perform vital tasks under austere conditions for the greater good of our country.  We’re taught to deal with physical pain and emotional discomfort, “to suck it up” and not complain, doing whatever it takes to complete the mission. During active service the reality is this is sometimes necessary.  Unfortunately, many of us carry this mindset into the civilian world.   As Veterans adjusting to civilian life, we can isolate ourselves, avoid help, and become increasingly alone, not realizing help is available to us.  


The Center’s resources are available to Veterans, regardless of rank, branch, or discharge status; and to active service members on leave looking for support.


The Center provides peer counseling by Veterans and nonclinical support specifically designed to help Veterans reintegrate into their communities.  Sometimes all someone needs is camaraderie and time around like-minded individuals offered through the Center’s free programs, workshops and services.  Some are looking for more help and can discuss their problems with the staff – Veterans themselves – at the Center.  For Veterans who may require further assistance, we can help them access additional community services.  

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