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Wooden Kayak Building

Woodworking Shop:​

Our programs integrate cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and access to support professionals to help Veterans successfully reintegrate into society, as well as teaching a viable skill in woodworking and watercraft. It's led by HVNCVR Staff and Veteran volunteers/ community leaders who donate their time and experience to help struggling Veterans

Kayak Building Program:


This program involves 4-6 participants per build and is designed to be 2-4 hour sessions, 2-3 days a week, over 10-12 weeks.  A typical day starts with house rules, followed by a work session, then light refreshments and 30 minutes Q&A, then another work session, and concludes with a shop cleanup. Current participants range from age 22-75. This build is volunteer-led by trained Veteran project leaders, and has paid Veteran peer support technicians that help oversee the program. There is no charge for our Veteran participants- the materials, supplies, tutorials, and end result kayak and paddle are free. The program is open to Veterans, regardless of rank, branch, or discharge status.


Our program improves emotional, social, and physical health. Through direct interaction, peer-to-peer counseling techniques, occupational therapy, and camaraderie, this program is designed to empower Veterans by replicating the positive aspects of the military community and reinforcing the same team building skills they are familiar with. These kayaks serve as a tool to heal through focus and creativity in a welcome and open environment. We have worked with combat Veterans, physically and psychologically injured, and homeless Veterans.

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