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Donate to Honor Roll of Service 

To honor the men and women who have served or are currently serving in our country’s Armed Forces and to help sustain the work of the Center, the HVNCVR’s Honor Roll of Service recognizes our loved ones, friends, and colleagues by showcasing their names, branches, and years of service.

The Honor Roll of Service will be displayed at every Center event to respectfully acknowledge the selfless determination of those who have previously served and those men and women who are now serving. The HVNCVR Honor Roll will continue to expand as long as Americans in the Hudson Valley Region continue to serve.  

Names will be listed on each panel as they are received, with a directory to locate names alphabetically as the Honor Roll grows.  Names will be displayed on each panel as:

                                                                                Jill Nowlin
                                                                                Sgt. Army

                                             Or, for someone currently serving and rank is not listed:
                                                                                John Doe
                                                                         2018 – Active Duty
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The Center's Mission:

Supporting former military service members as they transition to thriving, successful lives as veterans through non-clinical, non-governmental, veteran peer-support activities, programs, and services.

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